What relationship fruit are you?


Recently I read a compelling piece by Man Repeller on The Avocado Theory, demonstrating why men are synonymous with this East London delicacy. They’re tough when you want them to soften and, although he doesn’t normally turn a moody shade of purple, just like the avocado, suddenly you’re too late. He’s spoiled. It’s over. But what if you […]

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The decade that dating died.

With over 50 million users on Tinder alone, millennials are living the death of organic dating. That’s right. Kiss goodbye to impromptu drink offers from that hottie at the bar, and save yourself the exhaustion of IRL flirting – because finding love has become a task reserved for cyber space. I’ve been single for three […]

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The Courtesy Winch

You’ve endured three hours of their bland company and consumed two bottles of cheap wine – finally it’s time to say goodbye. In fear of being deemed unchivalrous he walks you to your night bus. You knew almost instantaneously that you didn’t fancy him, and the highlight of your evening was that haphazard and half-cut […]

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They’re just not that into you.

In spite of what Drew, Jennifer and Justin tried to teach us in 2009, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ never quite gave us the answer as to what being ‘into someone’ really means. Admittedly, this could be because it’s a terrible film with a special place in the Rom-Com Hall of Hell; but, it […]

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Marmite Girl


Confident, self-assured and somewhat flirtatious, my personality is Marmite to women. You either love me or think the world would be better off without my existence sullying it. When a five-foot-nothing girl strolls into a room, cracking inappropriate jokes with scathing sarcasm and forces you to notice her, it’s understandable that some people are turned […]

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Me, myself and wine

I’m what you would describe as a serial-dater. Call it tragic or impressive, I’ve been on a lot of first dates.  But I’m not the sort of girl that turns heads. I’m really quite short and although technically petite, I’m curvy (mainly thighs and arse). My facial features are understated and elfish. I don’t have […]

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