Things women say to other women that they don’t really mean.


Women have this weird habit of saying things they don’t mean to other women. I can say this because I am a woman, and I often say things I don’t really mean to other women. I’m sure men do it too, like when they say, “go for it mate, she’s definitely interested”, or, “I mean, it’s […]

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10 backhanded compliments I’ve been given on dates


When it’s not your family dressing up insults as compliments (you look well – I mean, you look healthy. Rounded in the face. You understand?), you can always rely on first dates to quash your self-esteem. With Christmas and weight-gain just around the corner, I’ve rounded up my top ten backhanded compliments to prepare you […]

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Cruel to be Kind or Just Cruel? 

You know those relatives that seem to have no filter to the socially uncouth? The ones who have an outstanding ability to casually insult an entire community in just a few sentences? Well, I have a lot of those. Although their opinion is never sought after, they’ll be sure to share it with you as […]

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