A poem: show me yours, I’ll show you mine.


I wanted to tell you something, I thought about writing a letter, But I know you think I’m boring, So I thought a poem might be better. Believe it or not, I haven’t written someone a poem before, Limirick, haiku, couplet or sonnet, Never – especially not for someone I now deplore, Before it turned sour, […]

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Dating haikus


Fleeting and often disappointing, haikus are much like my love life. Think of me like Sylvia Plath, but with Tinder.

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10 times I’ve been the worst to men


Once upon a time, a boy I don’t particularly like tried to catch me out. He’d seen an article I’d written about a terrible date and decided to take to Facebook: “have you ever wondered whether you’re the reason why it never works out?”. As narcissistic as you may think I am, I am not entirely […]

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10 backhanded compliments I’ve been given on dates


When it’s not your family dressing up insults as compliments (you look well – I mean, you look healthy. Rounded in the face. You understand?), you can always rely on first dates to quash your self-esteem. With Christmas and weight-gain just around the corner, I’ve rounded up my top ten backhanded compliments to prepare you […]

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The decade that dating died.

With over 50 million users on Tinder alone, millennials are living the death of organic dating. That’s right. Kiss goodbye to impromptu drink offers from that hottie at the bar, and save yourself the exhaustion of IRL flirting – because finding love has become a task reserved for cyber space. I’ve been single for three […]

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Places I’ve been on dates that I probably shouldn’t have.

After years of rejecting / being rejected, I’ve become somewhat of an expert at the First Date.  As you can imagine, there’s only so many times you can exhaust your local pub as a first date meeting point before you become a local novelty; like the endearing alcoholic you can always rely on for in-pub […]

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