Grandma Rose

It’s been one year since I last updated my blog, and a lot has happened in that year. I lost a job, I found a new job, I quit that job, and I finally discovered the importance of applying primer before foundation (I know). Through the highs and lows, undoubtedly the saddest point was marked […]

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My femininity is failing me.


As I cooked pasta and prepared a ready-made sauce last night, I realised I’m the worst example of an archetypal female that ever was. Last week I came home to buckets of homemade elderflower pressé brewing in my kitchen. My housemate is very talented; she’s a busy career woman, yet successfully keeps a menagerie of plants alive […]

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Mo’ money, mo’ problems.


Staring into the empty eyes of my fellow passengers on the central line this morning, I could barely stop myself from retching. Mum – before you frantically call me asking when my last period was, I can tell you that this sickness is coming from a different place. This wave of all-consuming nausea comes from, […]

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I’m Sorry.

Is it too late now to say sorry? No? Oh, well in that case… I’m sorry(ish) to the man I fled from on a date by coercing a member of bar staff into sneaking me out through the kitchen. I’m sorry for splashing my best friend with water in the school bathrooms, resulting in her straightened […]

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Cruel to be Kind or Just Cruel? 

You know those relatives that seem to have no filter to the socially uncouth? The ones who have an outstanding ability to casually insult an entire community in just a few sentences? Well, I have a lot of those. Although their opinion is never sought after, they’ll be sure to share it with you as […]

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