Sex for beginners


It took only one shared bottle of beer for my friend and I to embark on a #NSFW journey into the female form; and it was at this moment I realised I have been monumentally sexually uneducated. I can’t really remember much of my sex education at secondary school; I can tell you that there […]

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A thought.


As I walked past the Royal Sovereign’s desolate carpark last Wednesday evening, I caught the gaze of an unfamiliar man, hunched over behind an industrial-sized bin. Wearing a dirtied grey tracksuit torn about the knees, it was clear he had little regard for the weight of societal expectation, nor the oppressiveness of personal belongings. His […]

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Sometimes I make myself sick.

Sometimes, not all the time, I make myself sick. Not physically sick. Internally sick. Did you open this with a morbid intrigue that I might declare a long-standing battle with an eating disorder? Firstly, shame on you. And secondly, great clickbaiting – am I right? I’m what some people might define as “weird“. Not weird […]

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