That time I ran away with a stranger.


Three months ago, I met a stranger and ran away to Portugal with him for nine days. I had been single for four years – so single in fact, that I even attempted to make a career out of it (please see all blog posts pre-April 2017). I was like the Taylor Swift of the […]

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I got ghosted by a girl


You’d exchanged GIFs on Tinder, the chat had moved to Whatsapp, you’d laughed over a bottle of cheap wine and handsily kissed goodbye in Soho. Your luck was changing, you could feel it. “Hey. How’s the head this morning? Last night was fun. We should do it again sometime.” Radio. Silence. Congratulations, you’ve just been ghosted. […]

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The prickly truth: waxing

“Did you know you have a mole there?“. That’s how it starts. Since moving to London I’ve been caught in the throes of a very middle class problem. No, it’s not my inability to stop that leftover avocado from browning, it’s my so far futile quest to find a new beautician. I lost my hot wax virginity at the […]

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