A thought.

As I walked past the Royal Sovereign’s desolate carpark last Wednesday evening, I caught the gaze of an unfamiliar man, hunched over behind an industrial-sized bin.

Wearing a dirtied grey tracksuit torn about the knees, it was clear he had little regard for the weight of societal expectation, nor the oppressiveness of personal belongings.

His gestures were ferocious; nay, violent. His stare was unfaltering – perturbed yet resolute.

What lead this mysterious being to seek refuge in that darkened corner?

As I neared, I understood.

He was masturbating.

A thought: maybe my mother was right when she said I attracted strange men?

It’s curious it didn’t occur to me the first time a homeless man masturbated at me, but I think I was texting at the time.


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Images via Giphy.

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