Dating haikus

We match on Tinder,
I tell you about my life,
You ask my bra size.

A smile of darkness,
They say girls like a bad boy,
He just had no teeth.

I’m special, you claim,
Never met a girl like me,
You say I need help.

We exchange numbers,
You message me on Whatsapp,
Now I’ve seen your bits.

Sex is like heaven,
When you finally get there,
It’s disappointing.

I feel warm with you,
Maybe I’m falling in love?
Shit, the hob is on.

Live fast and die young,
That was your dating mantra,
I pushed you out the car.

We were so alike,
Our interests so attuned,
We were related.


Twitter: @PippaBugg
Instagram: @PippaBugg

Images via Giphy.

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Ramblings of things I think about. Some insightful, some not so.

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